Featured Math & Stat Dept Alum

Feng Qian, UMD Math Alum
December 19, 2018

UMD's Mathematical Sciences graduate program has many distinguished grads, such as Feng Qian who graduated in 2008. 

Here is a little information about what Feng has been up to:

"My name is Feng Qian, I am a proud alumni graduated from UMD's Applied Maths Department.  I am currently the Manager of Analytics at JM Family Enterprises, Inc., No. 21 on Forbes' Largest Private Company.  We are one of the largest, most innovative and diversified companies in the automotive industry. Our principal businesses focus on vehicle distribution and processing, finance and insurance, retail vehicle sales, and dealer technology services."

"I am responsible for leading a team of highly trained statisticians.  We act as the trusted partner for the business by providing advanced analytic support which enable management to make data driven decisions.  We are responsible for developing and maintaining a full suite of analytical solutions for our $15+ Billion auto finance portfolio, from application to liquidation.  We use SAS to build statistical models as well as scorecards to accurately segment and asses credit risk of our portfolio.  Our areas of expertise include Origination, Collection, Lease Residual Risk, Marketing, etc.  We are also embarking on our Machine Learning journey to provide us with additional insights that can further identify risks and opportunities."

The Math & Stat Department loves to see what grads are doing with their degrees.

Please reach out and let us know how you're doing at our department email: mathstat@d.umn.edu