Educational Programs

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These shows are presented by Planetarium staff and allow for audience interaction. NOTE: Some of these shows are in development or being updated. Please contact us to discuss the programming that we can put together for your visit.

THE SOLAR SYSTEMA tour of the eight planets (sorry Pluto) of our system, the sun, the asteroid belt and what lies beyond! 

MOONS OF THE SOLAR SYSTEM: Jupiter has 63 moons (give or take a couple) and Saturn has 67. Some of these moons are similar to our but others are strange places indeed. Some may even support life! Discover some of the most interesting bodies in the Solar System.

ASTRONOMY LESSONS FROM STAR WARS: Come find out what Star Wars can teach you about Astronomy! An action packed show full of interesting insights into how the Star Wars universe is similar to our own.  Come explore the galaxy with us and may the Force be with you!

THE AURORAIt is hard to match the beauty of the Northern Lights. For centuries humans have gazed at the flowing ribbons of green, blue, and red, imagining what mystical powers they held. Only until recently have we discovered the true nature of the Aurora. Learn about the fascinating process that starts nearly 100 million miles away in the heart of the Sun.

BEYOND BIZARREHave you ever wondered what a black hole really is? How about time travel? What happens if you spray the sun with a water gun? Discover the bizarre properties of some of the strangest things in space.

THE BIRTH OF THE SOLAR SYSTEMWe have all heard of the Big Bang, but what happened after that? From the origin of the Universe, what natural processes led to planets and humans?

MYTHBUSTERS: ASTRONOMYMyth or Fact? Is Polaris the brightest star in the sky? Is the sky blue because of the oceans? Did we really land on the Moon? Come find out the answers to these questions and more!