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Biogeochemistry Laboratories

Sampling water

Biogeochem Labs

Analysis of the organic and inorganic components of natural samples

The biogeochemistry laboratories at LLO are focused on the analysis of the organic and inorganic components of natural samples. Currently, the labs house a UIC carbon coulometer, UV/vis spectrophotometers, as well as Gas Chromatograph and GC/Mass Spectrometer systems for organic geochemical analyses.

Specialized Equipment

Additionally, the biogeochemistry labs house an Agilent 1260/6460 LC/MS/MS. This triple quadropole LC/MS system has APPI, APCI and ESI sources, a diode array detector, autosampler and fraction collector.

The labs also contain a Shimadzu TOC-VSH Total Carbon Analyzer, a HPLC for analysis and fraction collection, a Nicolet FTIR, a scanning UV-Visible light spectrophotometer, and an epifluorescence microscope.

Contact Sarah Grosshuesch or Julia Halbur regarding analytical services.