Science On Deck Event Planned for UMD

Blue Heron at Dock with Champ
April 13, 2018

UMD invites all to step aboard the Research Vessel Blue Heron on Friday, August 31, 2018 as part of a special event. 

The Large Lakes Observatory (LLO) is hosting an All-UMD Science on Deck filled with tours of the boat and information on display about the important research LLO conducts from a wide range of disciplines here at UMD.

Science on Deck events are offered every summer, but this event is designed exclusively for UMD students, faculty and student organizations.

At the event, scientists, crew and students will be on hand to talk about their research. Pictures, graphs, equipment, and samples will be on display, and scientists will answer questions about the capabilities and collaborations of the R/V Blue Heron. 

Shuttle Bus Available

A bus seating 45 people will shuttle people back and forth from UMD to the boat for a total of nine hours. It will run from 8 am to 4:50 pm, picking up and dropping off on the hour. The shuttle buses are matched with Friday lab class periods. Lab classes, lecture classes, student groups, student organizations, and other campus groups are invited.

Pre-Registration For Groups

Faculty should build this into their syllabus for fall semester now. Minimum group size is eight people. To bring a group, fill out this form to pre-register. Group tours are available on a first come, first serve basis. People bringing groups should estimate the number of participants and rank their choices for time slots.

Organizers will contact registrants to finalize the schedule and share additional logistics this spring. The organizers are also reminding people that this is the first time this event is being organized so it may take some trial and error to accommodate everyone and ensure things go smoothly.

Many people have helped to make this event possible including Interim Dean of Swenson College of Science & Engineering Andrea Schokker and Large Lakes Observatory Director Robert Sterner.

For additional information about the event, contact Lisa Sundberg at or 218-726-8683.