Postdoc Researcher Receives Award

Lake horizon
October 22, 2019

Jiying Li collecting sediment sampleDr. Jiying Li is a postdoctoral researcher working with the Large Lakes Observatory. In June of 2019, Li was awarded the Elsevier Early Career Young Scientist Most Notable Paper Award for a publication that was part of her PhD work here at UMD. 

The paper was written by Li along with Dr. Erik Brown, Dr. Sergei Katsev and Dr. Sean Crowe and published in the Journal of Great Lakes Research in 2018. The paper was entitled "Sediment geochemistry and contributions to carbon and nutrient cycling in deep meromictic tropical Lake: Lake Malawi."

This honor was awarded to Li at the 62nd annual conference on Great Lakes Research in Brockport, NY. The conference and award were presented by the International Association for Great Lakes Research.