Dr. Mona Stockhecke

Mona Stockhecke

Professional title

Post Doctoral Associate


PhD in Earth Science, 2014, ETH Zurich

Lakes respond very sensitively to regional environmental changes. Sediments accumulating on their bottom record these changes, in some cases over millions of years. By drilling into the lake bottom and recovering these natural archives we shed light onto past climate and furthermore might be able to find answers about possible linkages between climate and our evolution.

I use basic sedimentological tools to understand sediment deposition next to a suite of proxy records extracted from lake sediments to reconstruct past changes in environmental and climate conditions at annual to centennial time-scales since the Pliocene. My primary research areas are located in Turkey (ICDP project PALEOVAN) and the East African rift valley (ICDP project HSPDP). Turning lacustrine mud into information; e.g. the ability to reveal the lake´s history and it's response to climate change, fascinates me.

Google Scholar: http://scholar.google.com/citations?user=HGPfgyEAAAAJ&hl=en