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Dr. Christopher T. Filstrup

Dr. Christopher Filstrup

Professional title

Research Associate


PhD in Biology, 2009, Baylor University

Research Associate Large Lakes Observatory and Minnesota Sea Grant

I am interested in both basic and applied aspects of water quality, and its influence on aquatic ecosystem health and the provisioning of ecosystem services. Generally, I study how abiotic and biotic processes in lakes respond to multiple stressors, including anthropogenic activities and global change. My basic research focuses on how pelagic community structure responds to these stressors, and how these changes in turn affect ecosystem functions (e.g. nutrient cycling, primary productivity, trophic transfer efficiency). My applied research focuses on how land use and land cover characteristics, individually and combined with global climate change, affect water quality, and how these ecosystems can be managed to reduce environmental impacts. My research considers longstanding ecological theories (e.g., biodiversity-ecosystem functioning-community stability relationships, community structure, trophic dynamics) and some of the most important environmental issues facing society (e.g., cultural eutrophication, biodiversity loss, novel cyanobacteria toxins), and integrates concepts from community, ecosystem, and macrosystems ecology.