New Applied Materials Science Masters Program

Microscopic View of Advanced Material
June 21, 2018

New Applied Materials Science Masters Program launches at UMD.

On May 10, 2018, the Board of Regents of the University of Minnesota approved the Applied Materials Science masters of science degree, a new academic program for the UMD Swenson College of Science and Engineering.

The program, which will be housed in the Department of Chemical Engineering, is directed toward students in science and engineering looking for careers in industry. The program will train students to lead and facilitate research and development projects in the field of materials science and technology.

Through practice-oriented teaching, students will learn skills that prepare them for careers in aerospace, biomedical, energy, and more. Applied materials science incorporates elements of physics, chemistry, biochemistry, and engineering. The program will make use of existing courses and resources.


Year-long "core" coursework will be offered to assist students with degrees in various STEM disciplines enter the program. The coursework will prepare students for research inadvanced material science.

Richard Davis, head of the Department of Chemical Engineering, and Robert Carlson, director of the Advanced Materials Science Center, are leading this program.

UMD's new Heikkila Chemistry & Advanced Materials Science (HCAMS) Building, where most classes and research for this new program will take place, is currently under construction. The HCAMS Building will open in August 2019.

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