Mapping UMD

wall map
December 8, 2016

UMD Campus Wall Maps

Stacey Stark (GAC), Steve Graham (GAC), Micaella Penning (GAC)
Funded by UMD Facilities Management, $8,872 (2016)

The Geospatial Analysis Center (GAC) has recently taken over from Facilities Management the task of designing and managing campus maps at the University of Minnesota Duluth. The new, navigational wall maps are a long-overdue update to the previous black & white CAD drawings, and through their new design seek to create easy navigation for students and increase the sense of campus incorporation into the surrounding community.

Challenges have included creating new workflows for units who have previously managed their data outside of a GIS to using integrated campus data in a central GIS repository. GAC has also been updating campus parking maps, as well as creating maps for specific uses, such as outdoor assembly spaces and gender inclusive restrooms.

It has become GAC’s mission to be the central core for spatial data, mapping, and cartography at UMD, with the goal of clean, consistent output that will create greater cartographic congruency across campus.