GIS Day 2016

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November 15th, 2016 12-4:00 pm, UMD


The Geospatial Analysis Center at UMD will host GIS Day on November 15th, 2016, from 12-4 pm in the Kirby Ballroom, followed by a networking hour. UMD students, faculty, staff, and community members are invited to attend to network, see how GIS is being used in
the region, share their experiences, or simply learn what GIS is all about. The event will include exhibits, lightning talks and a G.U.E.S.S. (Geography, Urban, Environment, & Sustainability Studies) alumni and jobs panel. Come learn about spatial web services and applications, the future of the geospatial industry, drones, and more!

Participants in the event include many UMD departments as well as ARDC/Duluth-Superior MIC, Barr Engineering, Bismarck Map Company, City of Duluth, Esri, Krech Ojard, Minerals/Metallurgy/Mining - NRRI, Minnesota Geocaching Association, Minnesota Power/Allete, Mn GIS/LIS Consortium, Moore Engineering, NOAA National Weather Service, North Point Geographic Solutions, NRRI GIS, St. Louis County, Superior/Douglas County, Superior Water and Light, UMN MGIS Program, University of Wisconsin Superior, and the US EPA.

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Schedule Overview:

12:00-4:00   Exhibitor tables open
12:00-2:00   Lightning talks (15 minutes each)
2:00-3:00     The Changing World of Geospatial Technology by Mike Koutnik, Esri
3:00-4:00    UMD G.U.E.S.S. Department Alumni - jobs and careers panel
4:00-5:30    Networking, appetizers and cash bar

Schedule Details:

12:00 PM: Stormwater Utility, Hyperlinks, and Pictometry - GIS in the Water Resources Field - Allen Best, Water Resources Specialist, City of Superior, Environmental Services Division

12:15 PM: Crowdsourcing as a Novel Approach to Mapping Ecosystem Services in a Great Lakes Area of Concern - Jonathon Launspach, GIS Analyst, SRA, Contractor to the USEPA

12:30 PM: Floodplain Model Visualization Through Python Data Mining - Thomas Sayward, GIS Developer, Moore Engineering

12:45 PM: The Wide World of GIS and Weather - GIS at the National Weather Service - Joseph Moore, Meteorologist, NOAA/National Weather Service

1:00 PM: GIS Minor Student Projects at UWS - William Bajjali, Professor of Hydrogeology and GIS, UWS

1:15 PM: Development of the New Geological Map for Lake Vermilion / Soudan Underground Mine State Park - George Hudak, Director, Minerals-Metallurgy-Mining Initiative, NRRI

1:30 PM: Intro to Snake Handling: Enough Python to be Dangerous - Sam Geibner, GIS Web Application Developer, North Point Geographic Solutions

1:45 PM: Estimating Forest Stand Metrics with LiDAR - Kristi Nixon, GIS Analyst, NRRI

2:00-3:00 PM: The Changing World of Geospatial Technology - Mike Koutnik, Account Manager, Esri
How is GIS becoming a truly ubiquitous technology in all kinds of organizations, big and small? How are smartphones, cloud computing, big data and multi-dimensional data, the Internet of Things, real-time data and advanced analytics expanding expectations for how geospatial technology can bring value to our organizations? And how we can we prepare ourselves to help our organizations achieve a modern vision for GIS? These questions and more will be addressed in this session. We will begin by portraying a vision of a modern GIS and demonstrating how the elements of that vision can benefit our organizations in profound ways. We will then move on to how we can prepare ourselves to help our organizations achieve this vision.

3:00 PM: Geography, Urban, Environment and Sustainability Studies Department alumni and jobs panel, featuring Russell Habermann (ARDC), Brooke Wetmore (Zeitgeist), Charlie Moore (ARDC), Drew Lundgren (St. Louis County), Allen Best (City of Superior Environmental Services and Wastewater), Tami McDonald (Bismarck Map Company), and Sam Giebner (North Point Geographic Solutions).