Jackie Culotta

Professional Title
Graduate Student

Master's Student

Advisor: Dr. Allen Mensinger (Biology)

Education: B.A. Biology - Carleton College

Specialty Area: Ecology, Invasive Species, Animal Behavior

Thesis Research: Invasive bighead carp (Hypophthalmichthys nobilis) movement up the Mississippi River can be controlled physically with dams, but adjacent locks pose an alternative method of spread. My thesis research will explore whether bighead carp can be conditioned to associate acoustic deterrents with carbon dioxide, both of which they are averse to, in order to delay or eliminate habituation. Movement control applying conditioning in this way may be able to reduce the necessary frequency of carbon dioxide applications. Moreover, if carp behavior in the field allows conditioned fish to influence naïve fish, these coupled acoustic and chemical deterrents will be more effective and longer lasting.