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Application to Upper Division

Students that have completed the following courses in the EE program need to apply to the upper division (junior and senior) program. GPA for acceptance into the upper division of EE is 2.0 (you must maintain at least a 2.0 GPA in order to stay in the program and to graduate).

EE Lower Division Courses (10)

  • EE 1001 - Introduction to Electrical Engineering (2)
  • EE 1315 - Digital Logic (4)
  • EE 2006 - Electrical Circuit Analysis (4)

Required Courses from other programs (Six out of the eight non-EE courses)

  • Chem 1153/1154 - General Chemistry I (5)
  • CS 1511 - Computer Science 1 (5)
  • Math 1296 - Calculus I (5)
  • Math 1297 - Calculus II (5)
  • Math 3280 - Differential Equations with Linear Algebra (4)
  • Phys 2013/2014 - General Physics I (5)
  • Phys 2015/2016 - General Physics II (5)
  • WRIT 1120 - College Writing (3)

Students not accepted to upper division courses will receive a letter (or email) from the Department Head indicating what they need to do in order to be accepted into upper division.

Your Advisor

EE majors are required to meet with their advisor each semester to discuss their academic plans for the upcoming semester and to obtain a registration hold release.

Students are encouraged to meet as often as needed to discuss curriculum choices, professional interests, and any other topics as they pursue their electrical engineering education. Students who have questions about any part of the EE program should see their advisor.

NOTE: Please see your advisor on arranging your coursework to obtain a Computer Engineering (CpE) minor, a Mathematics minor, and/or the Energy Engineering minor.