Doug Dunham,Professor & Artist, Presents in Austria, China, Finland and Slovenia

doug dunham
October 5, 2016

Douglas Dunham, Professor, Department of Computer Science, attended four conferences in July, August, and September, giving talks at each one. 

Each talk was based on joint research with John Shier. The first paper, "Artistic Patterns: from Randomness to Symmetry," was presented at "Symmetry Festival 2016" in Vienna, Austria, in July. It has been published in the journal "Symmetry: Culture and Science," Vol. 27, No.4, pp. 392-402. The second paper, "Periodic Fractal Patterns," was presented at the 17th International Conference on Geometry and Graphics in Beijing, China, in August. It has appeared in the conference proceedings. The third paper, "Repeating Fractal Patterns with 4-Fold Symmetry," was presented at the "Bridges Finland" conference in Jyvaskyla, Finland, in August. The paper appeared in the conference proceedings .

Two prints designed by Dunham and Shier, "Finnish Fractal Flag" and "Fractal p4 Circle Pattern," were selected to be displayed at the conference art exhibit. The prints were donated to the University of Jyvaskyla. The fourth paper, "Artistic Fractal Patterns" was presented at the Third ESMA (European Society for Mathematics and the Arts) Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, in September. The paper will appear in the conference proceedings.