Women in Computing Fall 2017 Events

Women in Computing Fall 2017 Events
December 4, 2017
First meeting: Game Night
Played games such as Jeopardy and dumb charades, won prizes, had dinner and interacted informally with the faculty.
Second Meeting: Ultimate Frisbee Night
Ultimate frisbee evening that started with playing frisbee and ended with some hot pizza and cookies.
WIC Frisbee 1   WIC Frisbee 2   WIC Frisbee 3   WIC Frisbee 4
Third Meeting: Knitting night
Dr. Bethany Kubic lead the evening with a lecture on Mobius mathematics and its relation to knitting. Students were given yarn, needles, stitch marker, patterns, pizza, and cookies.

WIC Knitting 1   WIC Knitting 2   WIC Knitting 3   WIC Knitting 4