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samantha bowman testing flight simulator

Ready for Take Off

Even when Samantha Bowman was at St. Cloud Technical High School in St. Cloud, Minn., her friends wondered how she managed to get good grades in difficult classes while being so active. In addition to school activities and her classes, she played three sports: tennis, ice hockey, and lacrosse. That hasn't changed at UMD. “People are always surprised at how much I can do,”  says Samantha.

Samantha had a long list of colleges to choose from. She visited three others before visiting Duluth and right away she knew UMD was the one for her. "Something just grabbed me," she said. "I liked the school and all the activities you could do around the Duluth area." While visiting for registration, Samantha decided to find out more information about UMD's Air Force ROTC (AFROTC) program. That was all it took, and her decisions became a reality.

Efficient and Effective

Samantha's "can-do" spirit never let up. She works three jobs. She helps grade papers for a soil mechanics class, has an internship in project management for the Minnesota Department of Transportation, and instructs CPR classes. She stays focused on her two main interests, the Air Force, where she takes an AFROTC class every semester, and the Civil Engineering program, where she takes a 12-credit course load. Samantha is the recipient of the TGF Memorial Scholarship and the Mary Ann and Jerry Ostroski Engineering Scholarship and her achievements have been noticed.

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