Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building

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Chemistry and Advanced Material Science Building
Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building... Science in the 21st Century

Investing in this new building will allow UMD
and the Swenson College of Science and Engineering to:

  • Create a new Advanced Materials Center, an interdisciplinary program to train a new workforce in this emerging field
  • Increase student capacity in STEM education and provide learning and research with modern facilities and equipment to match current work force needs
  • Create modern lab space and facilities that allow for cutting-edge research and innovations that could have a tremendous impact on Minnesota industry
  • Better prepare students for successful employment with hands-on and active learning environments
  • Apply research that directly supports Minnesota businesses such as 3M, Allete, Tundra, Amsoil, Cirrus and more

The current Chemistry Building was built in 1948 to serve 300 science students in all science disciplines. It is now exclusively chemistry and serves more than 5,500 students a year taking chemistry across disciplines.

chem lab in the 1940's

picture of current chemistry lab