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College Initiatives

Chemistry and Advanced Material Science Building
Open the door to a world of possibilities

Access to Modern Chemistry and Cutting-Edge Research

The new Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building will bring modern laboratories and a new program to UMD. Replacing the science building that was built in 1948 is a big undertaking but well worth it for the 5500 students it will serve annually and the leading-edge research and new programs in advanced materials science it will foster.

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Solving Real World Problems with Hands-On Learning

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Every student deserves the opportunity to be our next Nobel prize winner.
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Active Learning

students and professor in active learning classroom

The intention of active learning classrooms is to move from a traditional, passive, lecture-based model of instruction into an active, collaborative, inquiry-based model. Most of the class time is spent with students working together. As an individual or group figures something out, they naturally (because of the way the class time and room are structured) tend to share what they've learned with others.