Message From the Dean

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Women Athletes with Dean Hamilton

In 2016, Swenson College recognized its female athletes to help celebrate the 50th anniversary of Women’s Athletics at UMD.

Welcome to Swenson College!

I joined UMD and Swenson College in June of 2014 and am delighted to serve as the College’s fourth dean.

Swenson College has an outstanding faculty and staff who provide a truly excellent, student-focused educational experience. We also have strong, impactful and innovative research programs in which our undergraduate and graduate students are active participants. Community engagement programs are another strength as we provide K-12 and adult STEM education opportunities to our region while engaging with a wide variety of community stakeholders.

We now seek to build on that solid foundation to ensure Swenson College remains strong and sustainable into the future. A key goal of mine has been to develop and adopt a comprehensive strategic plan for the College that will guide us and help us continue to lead and innovate over the next decade.

Swenson College and UMD have three core missions: education, research and outreach.


We seek to develop comprehensive and innovative education and training programs aligned with the needs of our state and our region, in order to help students become today’s workforce and tomorrow’s leaders.


We seek to address the needs of our state and region by partnering with stakeholders and developing team-based, interdisciplinary research programs that focus on real-world challenges and real-world solutions. We also take to heart the goal to “think globally but act locally” since the key challenges regionally, such as water remediation, are not only regional but also national and international challenges.


We seek to actively engage with all the stakeholders of our region and our community including industry, non-profit and government organizations, K-12 programs, community groups, and the citizens of the region.

To our prospective students - there is no better place to get a science and engineering education. We will provide research and internship opportunities that link your education and training with real-world experience leading you to a fulfilling career.

To our other stakeholders - we look forward to engaging with you. As we evolve and continually revisit our strategic plan, we will strive to build Swenson College’s future in partnership with you and I have no doubt our future is very bright! Come join us for an exciting adventure.


Joshua W. Hamilton Ph.D.