Heikkila Chemistry & Advanced Materials Science Building

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Driving Education, Innovation and Discovery

Watch it happen

Ground breaking for the new Heikkila Chemistry and Advanced Materials Science Building (HCAMS) this summer led the way for construction on the new three story, 56,000 sq. ft. structure. Watch as the new HCAMS building takes shape via the live HCAMS web cam on the UMD Facilities Management homepage.

Student and Faculty in LabStudent Centered Learning

Real world learning comes to the forefront as students and faculty work with emerging technologies and instrumentation. The innovative design of  the new building puts students and faculty side by side with teaching labs next to faculty labs. More space creates more undergraduate research opportunities pairing students and faculty together on leading edge research.

Dr. Robert CarlsonCenter for Innovation

The HCAMS building will be home for the The Advanced Materials Center. Director Dr. Robert Carlson and his team are already working with industry leaders on the development of new materials and technology.

AMC Students in LabTeam Science

With curriculum across many departments and the new materials science program, students prepare for the workforce learning in an environment that mirrors real world experiences. Faculty and students collaborate with industry partners and through research and testing to solve challenges that face our region and our world.

Whether it's education, innovation or discovery that drives you, there are many ways to fuel your passion!