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Public Discussion Series

Physics & Astronomy Department

Multiverse Strand Illustration

The Theory of Everything

A public discussion series moderated by Assistant Professor Vitaly Vanchurin

Image above from Scientific American article by Andrei Linde

Are there any limits to what the fundamental physics can describe? 

Driven by curiosity, scientists are revealing the mysteries of nature based on reason, logic and experiments. The Theory of Everything public lecture series, organized by members of the Theoretical Physics and Cosmology group at UMD, brings cutting edge insights in contemporary theoretical physics to a broad audience.

The senior scientists will challenge your world-view as they introduce you to quantum mechanics and parallel universes, to quantum computation and quantum field theories, to general relativity and black holes, to the big bang cosmology and inflation, to string theory and quantum gravity, to quantum cosmology and the multiverse, among other topics. We live in a remarkable time of scientific enlightenment and we hope to share our excitement with you!

2017 Public Discussion Schedule:

Discussions are held on the last Friday of every month at UMD from 5pm to 6pm in Marshall W. Alworth Hall (MWAH) #195 at 1023 University Dr, Duluth, MN

Part I: Quantum Mechanics
1. (January 27) Many Worlds of Quantum Mechanics
2. (February 24) Postulates of Quantum Mechanics
3. (March 31) Quantum Computation and Information
4. (April 28) Classical and Quantum Field Theories

Part II: General Relativity
5. (May 26) Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity
6. (June 30) Black Holes and Gravitational Waves
7. (July 28) Big Bang Cosmology and Inflation
8. (August 25) Large Scale Structure of Universe

Part III: Quantum Gravity
9. (September 29) String Theory and Quantum Gravity
10. (October 27) Holographic Principle and Emergent Gravity
11. (November 24) Quantum Cosmology and the Arrow of Time
12. (December 29) Eternal Inflation and the Multiverse