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Program Overview

The Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering (MSME) graduate program in the Mechanical and Industrial Engineering (MIE) Department at provides students the opportunity to advance their knowledge and conduct research in the cutting edge areas of mechanical engineering and related fields.

The MSME program combines professional engineering course work with research in a field within mechanical engineering.

Focus areas include:

  • Thermo/Fluids

  • Materials/Manufacturing

  • Dynamics/Control

  • Mechanical design and analysis

We support our student's work with:

  • Research supervision

  • Excellent facilities and equipment

  • A collaborative learning environment

  • Faculty expertise and advice

This degree is intended for students with a research emphasis.  There are two options for completing an MSME degree, Plan A (thesis option) and Plan B (project option).

Plan A: Thesis Based

This includes the completion of a Master's thesis based upon original research carried out under the direction of a faculty member.

Plan B: Project Based

Involves the completion of a project that may consist of participation in ongoing faculty research and preparation of a report on that work.

After attaining their degree, our students are typically well placed in industrial companies or PhD programs in other universities nationwide.  Assistantships are not available for Plan B programs.

Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate (IUG) Program

For BSME students at UMD, our program we also provides an Integrated Undergraduate/Graduate Program.

This is a unique opportunity for top students to seamlessly integrate their BS and MS degrees. Students typically apply to the program in their junior year and develop an integrated plan of study to complete a BSME degree directly following by a thesis-based (Plan A) MS degree. Students admitted to the program are able to count up to 6 credits of their graduate coursework as technical electives at the undergraduate level. Students that are interested are encouraged to begin talking with their advisor, our Director of Graduate Studies Dr. Debao Zhou and/or the Department Head Dr. Robert Palumbo  about this opportunity early in their undergraduate program.

Students admitted to this program typically have a high GPA and are committed to completing a challenging thesis-based MS program.  IUG students are not eligible for assistantships.