Summer Math Prep & PeerUp 2020

Pictured: Math Prep for STEM Careers program participants gather on campus even after the semester starts.

Free Math Prep Opportunity

The Math Prep for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Careers is a free summer program offered to incoming UMD students from underrepresented groups in STEM.

The program features:

  • A summer online math course (Basic Math and Intro to Algebra, College Algebra, or Precalculus Analysis).
  • An optional PeerUp online mentoring program to make connections that will help you adjust to college life.

(In past years, we've offered a week-long camp at UMD, but due to COVID-19, it has been postponed until summer of 2021.)

Online Math Course

  • The online math courses are non-credit and free to the student. They are in a “study plan” format where students review or learn through online modules and other resources at their own pace. 
  • Students show competency by passing a quiz on each learning objective. If they don’t pass the first time, they are brought back to review materials before they can try again. 
  • Students can spend as much time as they need on each objective and overall students need to show competency on 80% or more of the objectives to move forward in their math placement. 
  • A math instructor is available to answer questions and provide support.
  • Students that complete the program typically take between 50 and 150 hours.
  • To ensure students have a chance of getting into the next math class, students will need to finish the online course by August 7, 2020.
    Rachel Breckenridge with Math Prep students

To learn more about the online math course, contact the program director Rachel Breckenridge at [email protected].

Boost Your Confidence

There are huge benefits to completing this program! In addition to potentially moving up in the sequence of required math courses, students are more prepared for their first college-level STEM course by reviewing math over the summer.

Students have reported feeling more confident and prepared than their peers and that the transition to their next math class was “seamless”.

SCSE PeerUp Mentoring - Summer 2020 Program

  • PeerUp is a peer mentoring program dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive network in which underrepresented SCSE students excel academically and socially.

  • Incoming students accepted to the program will be paired with an upper-class mentor during their first semester at UMD, as well as having access to faculty and graduate student mentors. This group of mentors will not only guide your transition into UMD, but will also provide ongoing support throughout your time here as a Bulldog.
  • The Summer Program is intended to give you a kick-start in the program and in SCSE. We will have weekly online events and other ways to connect with a student mentor, faculty, and other incoming SCSE students.

If you are interested in the PeerUp program, please contact one of the following:

Rachel Breckenridge, Instructor of Mathematics & Statistics and PeerUp Advisor, [email protected]
Minh Bui, Mechanical Engineering Student and PeerUp Mentor, [email protected]
Anne Hinderliter, Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and PeerUp Advisor, [email protected]
Romesh Lakhan, Instructor of Chemistry & Biochemistry and PeerUp Advisor, [email protected]