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Summer Math Prep Program

Mathematics & Statistics Department

Summer Math Prep Students

Prepare & Connect

This program gets rave reviews! Students say it helped prepare them for college and the friendships continue long after the summer.

Pictured: Math Prep for STEM Careers program participants visiting a popular Duluth park as part of the optional (and free) summer camp.

Free Math Prep Opportunity

The Math Prep for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Careers is a free summer program offered to incoming UMD freshmen from underrepresented groups in STEM.

The program features:

• A summer online math course (Basic Math and Intro to Algebra, College Algebra, or Precalculus Analysis)

• An optional five-day camp at UMD to set students on a path toward attaining a STEM degree

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Registration details for the summer of 2020 will be posted here when available.

Online Math Course

This class is designed to help students study and then test out of prerequisite math courses to Calculus I.

Students work through an online non-credit math course at their own pace. Extra help is available online with the math instructor and with two study sessions offered in the Twin Cities area.

Rachel Breckenridge with Math Prep students

Program Director Rachel Breckenridge (middle) with 2018 UMD graduates and program participants Ntsang "Comfort" Anye (on left) and Akquaa Anye.

Students take a written final exam when ready or at the end of the summer. Students who score 70% or higher are allowed to take the next math class in the sequence College Algebra, Precalculus Analysis, and Calculus I during fall semester.

Boost Your Confidence

There are huge benefits to completing this program! In addition to potentially moving up in the sequence of required math courses, students are more prepared for their first college-level STEM course by reviewing math over the summer.

Students have reported feeling more confident and prepared than their peers and that the transition to their next math class was “seamless”.

Summer Camp

Online summer math course students are invited to this optional and free camp at UMD! Free round trip transportation to UMD from the Twin Cities is also provided.

Camp participants will:

  • Get started in online math class with help from your instructor
  • Become familiar with the UMD campus before their first fall semester
  • Meet fellow students that can become friends and familiar faces on campus
  • Participate in STEM activities through mini courses or labs with UMD faculty and staff
  • Gain awareness of UMD support services and communities
  • Develop personal finance strategies
  • Explore STEM careers and majors
  • Get to know UMD faculty, staff and returning undergraduate students
  • Participate in fun activities at UMD and in Duluth
  • Meet with academic advisors

To learn more about the online math course and the summer camp, contact the program director Rachel Breckenridge at