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Putting Coursework to Work

Dawson Rosell is an electrical engineering and computer science student that spent his summer restoring a vintage computer.

Dawson Rosell with vintage computer

Undergraduate Programs We Offer

Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E

For a complete listing of courses – visit the Public Course Catalog. Enter “Duluth” in the Institution and Campus fields; and enter "EE" for Subject Area, then click “Search”.

Students may choose to pursue a minor in the following areas. They are all free-standing minors applicable to Electrical Engineering students.

Computer Engineering Minor

Electrical Engineering Minor

Energy Engineering Minor

Other minors that are related to Electrical Engineering:

Computer Science Minor

Mathematics Minor

The Electrical Engineering B.S.E.E. program combines traditional electrical engineering topics with current computer design and analysis topics.

The program is concerned with the theory, design, and application of electrical phenomena and digital computers, including electronic circuits, signal analysis, system design, and computer architecture. The department displays strengths in such diverse areas as electronics, signal processing, electromagnetics, digital computer systems, communications, and controls.

We balance theoretical and practical experience in electrical and computer engineering through analysis, synthesis, and experimentation. Our faculty are dedicated to teaching and research and provide personal attention to students and assistance in instructional and research lab settings.