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Faculty & Staff Directory

Computer Science Department

Associate Professor and Chair
320-A. Heller Hall
M, F 12-12:50pm, W 11-12:50pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-6168
Professor & Director of Graduate Studies
331 Heller Hall (HH)
and by email appointment
(218) 726-6228
Pete Willemsen [image]
Assistant Professor
324-A Heller Hall
T 2-3:30pm, W 1-2:50pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-7194
James Allert
Associate Professor
333 Heller Hall
T, Th 5-5:50 pm; W 3-4:50 pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-8165
Tim Colburn
319 Heller Hall (HH)
M, W 3:15-4:45pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-7664
Steve Holtz
Associate Professor
327-B Heller Hall
T, Th 9:30-10:40 am held in VKH 17 and by email appointment
(218) 726-7971
Assistant Professor
324B Heller Hall
(218) 726-6167
Sophia Knight [image]
Assistant Professor
327-A Heller Hall
M, W, F 10 - 11 am and by email appointment
(218) 726-8452
Eleazar Leal [image]
315 Heller Hall
T, Th 2-3pm; W 3:30-4:30pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-8256
rich maclin
309 Heller Hall
M,F 1-1:50pm; F 3-3:50pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-8770
Assistant Professor
329 Heller Hall
M, F 11- 12pm; W 12-1p and by email appointment
(218) 726-7988
peter peterson
Assistant Professor
311 Heller Hall
T, Th 9:15-10:45 am and by email appointment
(218) 726-7978
Andrew Sutton
Associate Professor
313 Heller Hall
T, Th 10:50-12pm and by email appointment
(218) 726-6514
Emeritus Faculty
Professor Emeritus Retired
Carolyn Crouch
Professor Emeritus Retired
Donald Crouch
Associate Professor Emeritus Retired
Linda Deneen
Professor Emeritus Retired
149 Marshall W. Alworth (MWAH)
By email appointment
(218) 726-7510
Doug Dunham
Associate Professor Emeritus Retired
gary shute
Executive Secretary
320 Heller Hall (HH)
(218) 726-7678
Systems Administrator
305 Heller Hall (HH)
(218) 726-7987
Principal Office and Administration Specialist 
320 Heller Hall (HH)
(218) 726-7607
Kelsey Pederson (image)