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Civil Engineering Department

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Focused Research

Our department got its start on the UMD campus in 2008 and since then we have made great strides to establish a top-notch program. We emphasize working with our students to ensure they are well prepared for their future careers while also enabling our faculty and students to pursue cutting-edge research.

For the last six years we have earned an "Excellent" or "Outstanding University" designation from the American Concrete Institute. In 2016, this honor was awarded to only 26 universities in the United States.

Our facilities and the equipment we have on hand provide us with the opportunity to conduct a wide variety of research. And our faculty and staff are committed to training our students to use these tools to further their knowledge and ensure they have skills that may be needed in the field.

Working with Students

Undergraduate and graduate students work one-on-one with our faculty to conduct research. UMD's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) provides funding and a great starting point for students to learn how to conduct research, gather data and present their results.

We also offer the UMD Shines program in collaboration with the Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Department. This class gives students the chance to do collaborate with a UMD department or local business to conduct research and devise solutions for real-world problems.

Areas of Expertise

Our Civil Engineering program emphasizes four core tracks and we have faculty specializing on research within each.

Environmental/Water Resources

Environmental/Water Resources Engineering includes hydrology (surface water and groundwater), hydraulic engineering, water resources analysis, and environmental fluid mechanics.


Structural Engineering includes the planning, analysis and design of structures including buildings, bridges, parking structures, and stadiums.


Geotechnical Engineering includes the study of mechanical behavior of geomaterials (soils and rocks), in relation to design and construction of civil engineering structures such as foundations, embankments and excavations.


Transportation Engineering focuses on traffic systems operations and safety, highway planning and design, and the maintenance and operation of transportation facilities.