Chemical Engineering Department

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Microscopic View of Advanced Material
Our students are often at the forefront of emerging industries.


The Department of Chemical Engineering is continually working to provide nationally recognized excellence in engineering education and research.

We do this by using hands-on and active learning experiences to prepare students for professional success, and we hold paramount the safety, health and welfare of the public.

We also strive to ensure our graduates will protect the environment when carrying out their professional duties.

Our mission is to create chemical engineers that possess a strong foundation of the technical, communication, teamwork, and problem-solving skills required for professional success.

Student Success

It's an exciting time to be a Chemical Engineer. Our world faces many challenges and this field produces experts able to pioneer developments that could help solve vital problems. The 2016 Commencement student speaker was one of our graduates, Carissa Kloncz. Her dream is to develop new alternative energy sources.

Other students of ours, make an impact in the lab and out in the world in other ways. For example, Alex Ganeev has gained national attention for the beautiful photographs he shared of Duluth and is excited to bring his education back home to Russia to try to make a positive difference.

Top-Notch Research

We are fortunate to have a new Advanced Materials Center on campus and faculty dedicated to providing research opportunities. By working one-on-one with students, faculty conduct research in a wide variety of areas and give them valuable hands-on experience. Our students enter the job market with experience in giving conference presentations and submitting articles for journal publication.

Learn more about the types of research our faculty pursue and check out the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program to learn how students from freshman through senior year conduct research.