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Greenhouse Orchids Win Awards

Award Winning Orchids on Display at UMD Greenhouse
ITLS Award visual

Nominations Open for Inspirational Teacher Award

Students are encouraged to nominate their most inspirational life science teacher.

Clover Science and Genetics

From a Colombian veterinarian clinic to Minnesota clover, one UMD student searches for answers

Four in the Family

The Larsen clan descends on UMD.

Seeing the Forest for the Bats

It's the dead of night in the middle of nowhere. UMD researchers are hard at work.... driven to help Minnesota bats survive white nose... more
jerry niemi

Niemi Receives Recognition for Ornithology Career

A career dedicated to avian science leads to ornithology award for NRRI Scientist Jerry Niemi.
Brenda Vu

Refugee Daughter Eyes UMD for a Better Education

A cultural transition yields big rewards.
red leaves

Fall is a Stressful Tme for Trees

Happy fall color watchers probably don’t know that the bright leaves of autumn are actually a tree’s stress response. 

Brain Teaser

Undergraduate and graduate students in the Psychology Psychophysiology Research Lab collaborate with faculty to study behavior.

Students Unravel Minnesota Wolf DNA

Have you ever seen a wolf in its natural habitat? If you have, consider yourself one of a lucky few.


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