Swenson Gender Equity Team (SwenGET)


The Swenson Gender Equity Team is a group of faculty within Swenson College dedicated to taking steps towards a gender equitable climate. It started out as the Allies & Advocates program and was formed in collaboration with a team from North Dakota State University. 

Faculty Led

An advisory board of five women faculty oversee the program: Dr. Mary Christianson, Dr. Arshia Khan, Dr. Eve Metto, Dr. Kathryn Schreiner, and Dr. Turuna Seecharan.

Advocates that identify as men are partnering with the advisory board to propose and help implement activities that further gender equity and improve our college's climate. They are: Dr. Ben Dymond, Dr. Harsh Jain, Dr. Dave Saftner, Dr. Jake Wainman, and Dr. Pete Willemsen.


In Fall 2021, the group hosted listening sessions and workshops on Gender and Higher Education: Exploring Women’s Experiences and Men Allies for Gender Equity.

In Spring 2022, the group has hosted a casual coffee hour to help build community and an Allies Workshop for faculty who identify as men. Additional planned activities will be shared here when details are available.